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Friday, February 3, 2017

Last Tango in Halifax

I watched all three seasons that are available of this show on Netflix in under a week.  So you have been warned, this could get addictive.  The basic story is that Alan and Celia's grandsons decide to make them a social media profile, and through it they discover each other 60 years after they last saw each other.  Alan is trepidatious about meeting up again because he really liked Celia as a teen and she broke his heart when she never showed up for their date.  Celia on the other hand, thinks that Alan chose not to contact her.  She moved the day before their date, and she left a letter to him with a mutual friend of theirs that contained both her explanation and her new address.  It turns out that the friend became Alan's future wife and it probably wasn't an accident that she kept the note--and the boy--to herself.  So this is an excellent depiction of how those youthful intense emotions can remain strong years later, and then there is the blending of their families to contend with as well.  It is funny and smart, if occasionally a bit too soap opera-ish.

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