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Monday, February 27, 2017

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

Wow, it is so weird to see Meryl Streep sing badly!  She plays a woman who was a patron of the arts but who was exceptionally untalented herself.  She was surrounded by people who worked very hard to protect her from figuring that out, and that is the essence of the movie.  It was nominated for two Oscars.  First, Meryl Streep in the role of Florence Foster Jenkins, a woman who contracted syphilis on her wedding night at age 18 from her first husband, who then led an unconsummated married life with her devoted husband, played quite competently by Hugh Grant.  He loves her but he is not sexually faithful to her.   He makes her feel adored.  The other arena that the movie was nominated in is costume design, which is the real start of the show, along with the period music.  The detailed dress of the period is lovingly recreated, so detailed and lovely.  If neither of these things appeal to you, skip this nominee.

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