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Monday, February 20, 2017

Hidden Figures (2016)

This is a great story and a good movie.  I wish it were a great movie, because a movie about African American women who are math geeks winning an Academy Award would definitely help offset some of the bitterness that I have related to the treatment of Hilary Clinton in the last election.  Not enough, but a little.
The story is about the black women who worked at NASA and helped to put a man in space.  The three actresses who are in this are all terrific, and combined with other black actresses in films this year they demonstrate the depth of talent available.  So let's see some more of them in films int he future.  The story is essentially about how they are hampered by prejudice and color barriers in every way (including segregated bathrooms) but manage to succeed despite that.  All in all they could have gone further, but they did impressive things with all sorts of strings attached that held them back.  Well done, and well worth watching.

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