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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Captain Fantastic (2016)

This movie is carried by Viggo Mortensen, who was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actor.  The story is that he and his wife and their six children live completely and totally off the grid.  He is very capable, and their lives are certainly more luxurious than if I were to try the same thing.  They hunt and build and fix things and climb things.  All of the kids are physically active, they speak multiple languages, they read literature and have high level discussions about it.  They are impeccably home schooled, but they lack one thing.  They cannot function in the world as we know it at all.  We never meet the wife.  She is hospitalized psychiatrically when the movie begins and not long into it she kills herself.  The father and kids make contact with her parents and it is very clear that they hold him responsible for her death.  The movie is a road trip to her funeral, and how they struggle to manage, hold true to what is good about their lifestyle without being completely consumed by it, and how they eventually make peace with it.  Mortensen is outstandingly believable in his role, and the script is outstanding, as are the actors who play the children.

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