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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Writing Letters to Congress

This is one of the most important resolutions that I have made in the weeks since Trump won the Electoral College vote.  I already have two things that I want to address, and I will do them in separate letters.  The first is my support for abstaining from the U.N. condemnation of Israel for their continued settlement in the West Bank.  I agree with what Kerry said, that they are abandoning a two state solution by doing so, and that one state will either be a Jewish state or a democracy, but not both.  The other is the sanctioning of Russia for interference in the election.

Here is the blueprint for an effective letter that I found that makes sense to me:
  1. Say why you are writing and who you are. List your credentials so the Congressperson knows he is dealing with a constituent, what your angle is. (If you want a response, you must include your name and address, even when using email.)
  2. Provide more detail about why you are writing. Be factual not emotional. Provide specific rather than general information about how the topic affects you and others. If a certain bill is involved, cite it whenever possible.
  3. Close by requesting the action you want taken: a vote for or against a bill, or change in general policy.
 I know that it sounds a bit paranoid and histrionic to say this, but I feel like our way of democracy is at stake. 

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