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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lion (2016)

This is really a harrowing story about a young boy who gets lost in India as a five year old.  He comes from an uneducated day laborer family who have no resources at all, they live day by day.  He accidentally gets locked on a train, and travels far from home--from Hindi speaking India to Bengali speaking India.  He is lucky enough to be adopted by an Australian couple and it is not until he is having dinner at a friend of a friend's house that he has a flashback memory from his childhood.  He then becomes haunted by the question of who he is, what happened to his older brother, and where he is from.  He remembers more and more, but has a fruitless search for a long time.  Too long, really, from a cinematic point of view, but he eventually has some success.   It is surprisingly tense and difficult to watch because while it has a happy ending, it really does touch on some delicate issues that were hard to watch.  Dev Patel as the boy grown up is excellent.

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