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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Categories by Aristotle (350 BC)

In my son's Ancient Philosophy class he has finally reached the writings of Aristotle.  Who I have never read before, but I though that since he was a scientist I would be better able to follow his writing and logic.  After all, Darwin credited him with being an integral part of his work Origin of the Species.  Aristotle meticulously cataloged sea sponge life and change in his small corner of the Mediterranean Sea, and Darwin used his work to develop his theory of evolution.  Well, I don't know how he did that, because I can barely understand what Aristotle is getting at when he writes.  This work was a proposed framework for how to look at and talk about all things on earth, and what he proposed was still in play well into the Middle Ages.  He made a huge impact with this, but after reading it several times, I had the most rudimentary of understandings about it.  I have discovered that philosophy is not going to be something I can grasp, much less excel at.

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