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Monday, December 7, 2015

Making the Hospital Bearable

Over the past two months I have spent a total of three weeks in the hospital, which means that overall I have spent almost as much time there as I have at home.  I have not historically been a big fan of being in the hospital but I have to say that with some  limited preparation I  have been able to make the hospital environment very livable.  WHich is a good thing, because I am not even halfway through my acute treatment regimen.
So what has worked for me?  The first thing is to have my bag packed.  That way the chances of leaving out critical elements at the last minute is decreased.  Make sure to have toiletries, your favorite body lotion, a lip gloss because the hospital is a dry environment, and a warm pair of socks.  Pick out comfortable clothes that work with an IV but also you would be comfortable having your co-workers drop in and see you in.  The hospital gown does not fit the bill for me.  Bring the entertainment that you need.  I have a book, an iPad to stream video content on, my phone, which has music, and my noise reduction headphones.  These serve two purposes--I can listen to things without bothering a neighbor and I can use them at night to get quiet.  I occasionally bring a magazine or an embroiderty project, and since I have gotten three coloring books recently, I might add that.
Finally, I bring my own food.  I just cannot eat the hospital food, and I need to eat, so I bring my own.  I use the patient refrigerator, but I also bring things that are calorie dense and have a long shelf life.  Sometimes, it is the little things that make the larger challenges more managable.

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