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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Drop (2015)

This is a dark movie that appears to be dark to begin with, and then darkens steadily throughout the story.  It all takes place in Brooklyn--not hipster Brooklyn but lower middle class Russian mob controlled Brooklyn. 
Bob is the center of the movie.  He is Marv's nephew and works in a bar with him.  Marv used to own the bar and have what I think are delusions of grandeur about how powerful and feared he is.  He lost his nerve and lost his bar and he has really never come to terms with that, nor does he blame himself for his fall from grace. Bob understands that Marv is weak, and he understands that, and gradually so does the audience.  Marv is headed for a big fall, and Bob is not in on the plan.
The movie is very well acted, very believable, and if you can stand the pace, which is almost super slow motion at times, it is a good movie.

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