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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Give It a Year (2013)

This is a not romantic, not comedic (except perhaps in the strictly British sense of the word) movie about a couple who were ill-advised to marry and take about six months to figure that out and another six months to extricate themselves from the relationship.  If someone says to you before your wedding at any time that they give your relationship as man and wife a year, you should most definitely examine more closely what you are doing getting married.

Josh and Nat seemingly have nothing in common.  Their family's have not embraced them as a couple.  Josh's best man gives a cringe worthy toast at the wedding, and he is one of the best things Josh has going for him.  He is goofy and immature and Nat is not.  In order for the movie to go anywhere that is not off the rails, there are very suitable partners for Josh and Nat in the wings.  It takes them some time to come to terms with the error of their ways, but eventually they manage to do so, and it is a predictable happy ending.  And it is streaming on Netflix.

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