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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Insurgent (2015)

This movie, capitalizing on the success of the Hunger Games movies, is the second in the Divergent series.  It is yet another post apocalyptic dystopia where when everything falls apart society falls back on totalitarian control and  draconian rules.  The youth outnumber the adults, but the power is all neatly wrapped up in those with malevolent motives, of course.
Tris and Four are our heroes--they do not fit into the rigidly defined roles for people in the new society, and as the movie opens, they are also on the run.  They are well trained, athletically gifted, and they know how to protect themselves, which gives a certain action element to the movie, and the story propels itself forward in such a way that it flows well from start to finish.  This is no where near as good a series as the Hunger Games, but the movie does do it justice, and if you find these films entertaining you won't be disappointed with this--it is just not great cinema, is all.

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