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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Casting Lots by Susan Silverman

I have been taking baby steps back towards reading like I have in the past few years again, and weirdly, that has included more non-fiction than would be my norm.  This book would fall into that line, although it is a memoir, which I like to think of as being somewhere between purely nonfiction and wholly made up.
The author grew up in a secular Jewish home and has become a rabbi in her current life.  She is devout and anxious and comes across in this memoir as very human and approachable.  Her fears are perhaps greater than average, but everyone can relate to them.  She reflects on the human condition in a way that is almost soothing to read.  The thing that is particularly special about her is that she has a passion for adopting children, which she has done twice personally, but also is quite supportive of what can be a daunting process.  I lack that capability so it was refreshing to read someone who embraces it so completely.  A short and memorable read.

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