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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fantastic Four (2015)

If you are not a fan of the comic book genre of movies, then you most certainly have to skip this movie.  It is solely for the die hard fan, and even they may be disappointed.  I have not seen the other adaptation of the story before, so I cannot compare to others, but I definitely enjoyed it.  I have watched many of this genre of movies over the years as the mother of four boys, and while it is not a genre that I am born to love, I have come to appreciate it.  This version tells the back story of how the four got their fantastic powers, and who they were before that fate befell them.  The one thing that the movie did an excellent job of was editing it down to a reasonable length--too often these movies go over two hours, which is just too long, and this one dodges that error.  It is also quite wooden in places, but again, I can tolerate that.  So go see it if you are a big fan, and skip it if you are not.

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