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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lady From Shanghai (1947)

My youngest son has been taking a Film Noir class, and while many of the movies have been unavailable on line or at our local library, we have managed to watch the few that are, and this is one of them.
The story is much like what happens in Double Indemnity, where a man falls hopelessly for a woman and does something seemingly ridiculously stupid in order to get or stay in her good graces.  This movie starts Rita Hayworth as the vamp woman and Orson Welles is the star struck man.  Murder is the plot, and things unravel slowly over the course of the movie to an ending that is satisfactory.  The thing that I noted and my husband corroborated is that the noir genre is not very good to women.  I guess overall it doesn't say anything good about men that they would do anything, including killing someone, for a woman they barely know, but women are portrayed as the source of the evil and men are portrayed as followers.  Since the plot goes wrong, the women do not come out ahead, even by their own assessment.  An interesting film genre, although not one that I will add to my list of favorites.

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