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Monday, April 25, 2016

Paper Towns (2015)

This movie, which is based on the John Green book of the same title, is a faithful adaptation.  If you love the book, you are likely to enjoy the movie, and vise versa.  If you did not like the book, do not bother giving the movie a second chance to woo you.  Not going to happen.
This is the story of a childhood crush grown up.  Quentin has always been in love with Margo, and they are fast buddies in childhood, but once they get older Margo becomes the popular high school girl and Quentin becomes the nerd boy who lives on the margins of high school social life.  He is entirely likable and she is unpredictable and attention seeking, so you see where this is going.  When Margo takes Quentin on her night of revenge for being cheated on, she is giving him a chance to fly in her orbit and we root for him because we want him to get what he desires, but when she disappears afterwards, Quentin is just about the only one worried about her.  Even her parents don't get upset.
The rest of the movie is about his search for Margo and then his being able to move beyond her.  He gains from his friendship with her, but he manages to look toward college unencumbered by ties with his childhood.  Wise and simple at the same time.

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