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Monday, April 4, 2016

Man Up (2015)

This is a great light romantic comedy that is streaming on Netflix.  I have become a big fan of Simon Pegg over the years and he turns in a great performance here.  In this movie he plays a character who is 40 and still being set up on blind dates.  Nancy is in a similar situation, although she has contemplated giving up altogether.  Which doesn't explain why when she met an annoying woman on the train en route to the Simon Pegg date, she decides to nab him.  She pretends to be his blind date, and it is all going so well up until the time where she has to tell him what she has done.  By that point in the movie he takes it quite poorly.  He then goes back and meets his original date, only to discover that she is entirely wrong for him.  All he has to do is find her.

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