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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bistro Daisy, New Orleans, Louisiana

 Bistro Daisy should be tried based on the quality of the food rather than on how good everything sounds on the menu.  It would just sell it short to do the later.  The appetizers were uniformly terrific.  The oysters poached in herbsaint were ethereal and the crab meat in horseradish aoili was light and delicious.  I had the drum, which was the fish special and it was the best fish of the trip.  A table mate had the bouillabaisse, which was equally terrific, andthe shrimp and grits were divine.
This is a restaurant where it seems reasonable to address the setting as well as the food.  It is a shot gun house, with a gorgeous first floor with a high ceiling and a wonderful homey atmosphere.  It is the intimacy and the personalized attention that the staff affords the diners that makes it even more special.  This is a restaurant that pleases.

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