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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Eye in the Sky (2016)

This was not uniformly popular with my viewing compatriots.
  I agree with their assessment that it is far tenser than you would be led to believe from the plot summary.  It is essentially about one drone attack.  The mechanizations that are gone through both militarily and politically are probably representative of what can happen.  Helen Mirren (in a role that grossly under utilizes her many talents) is a British colonel that is tracking a radicalized Muslim woman who is a much wanted target.  She and her equally valued terrorist husband are in Nairobi and while observing them they discover that they are in the midst of planning a suicide bombing attack.  The neighborhood where they are is controlled by Somali militia, and it is not possible to extract them.  So they plan a drone attack, which they decide needs lots of levels of agreement before implementing (which is designed to make you irritated about politicians and their lack of perspective on absolutely everything except how it looks for them).  The movie also dispels any image one might have that drone attacks are too easily accomplished without being personally involved--and why combat veterans get PTSD. 

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