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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Meet Me For The Weekend

I have not been really good about being spontaneous for a long time.  I have friends who make every effort to go to everything they are invited to and while I love to live vicariously through them, I have always thought it sounded a little too exhausting for my taste.  Now that I am in the situation where I am able to travel, but I really do not know how long that will last, my spouse and I are in agreement that it is time to do things that we might not have another chance to do, and the first toe in these waters was a trip to New Orleans with good friends recently.
It could not have been more fun.  We had exceptional food, perfect wine, long interesting walks, and best of all, talking and catching up.  Life is complicated these days for all of us, so while all the news is not good, it is fantastic to share those thoughts and prayers and burdens with people who care about you.  We had the added fun of all being on vacation (which is why this is so much nicer than going for a visit where it is only time off for one side and not the other), and for me, having someone drive and pick out the things to do was a big plus.  So thankful that we took this plunge.

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