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Friday, September 9, 2016

Petit Grocery, New Orleans, Louisiana

 This is yet another reason to hang out on Magazine Street on your next New Orleans trip.  the chef, Justin Devillier, who started at the restaurant as a line cook, just won the James Beard award--which may not be compelling for some, but I love to try restaurants where that is the case.  We had a good sized table, and were able to try a number of dishes as a result.  I loved the corn bread that comes in a cast iron skillet with a pat of butter on top, as well as the pain d-epi bread that came to the table.  They do non-carbohydrates well too!
The dish that you cannot skip no matter what else you eat here are the crab beignets.  I admit that it will be a stretch to do this with just two people because they are very filling and an order is five.  I never do this, but I would encourage thinking about giving some to the next table if you are just two, because these are great, and you will make a friend for sure.

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