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Sunday, September 4, 2016

High Strung (2015)

This is yet another romantic drama that is probably not going to be much sought out, but that will be enjoyed when it is viewed.  It is streaming now on Netflix, and anyone who likes the movies with dance will appreciate that aspect of this movie.
Ruby is a dancer who loves classical dance but is a little bit too uptight for more contemporary numbers.  Johnnie is a hip hop violinist she meets while he is busking in a subway station.  They form an uneasy friendship, where they admire each others talents but fail to see why they would do what they do--she is studying in a highly structured environment and he is following his bliss and eschews all the rules.  They compromise somewhere in the middle and while it is all too neatly tied up in a package at the end without drilling down to deeply into what motivates both artists, it is a diversionary and pleasant film.

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