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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

L'Etoile, Madison, Wisconsin

This is an excellent restaurant right in the downtown neighborhood of Madison.  I highly recommend it for two reasons.  The first is that there are choices.  The fixed proce menu is outstanding, and you do not have to figure out what to eat.  The chef does that for you.  I like these because there is inevitably something amongst the seven courses that does not inherently appeal to me, so I try something (at least one thing) that I can then decide if when it is prepared by a talented person I actually do like.  And this chef is talented.  The meal was outstanding in every way.  The flavors were inspired and so were the textures and the presentation.  It was practically perfect.  And I still do not much care for fois gras, no matter how great the chef is.  My spouse is very happy about that because he ate both of ours.

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