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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Peche, New Orleans, Louisiana

This is a Donald Link restaurant that I had not been to prior to this trip, and I was not disappointed.  We stopped because my spouse desperately needed oysters, and I discovered some unexpectedly delicious marinated crab claws (see my blog post from yesterday to create a reasonable facsimile of this at home).  I really loved this place.  The decor is very beautifully done, with a lot of attention to detail.  The tableware is very nice pottery, and I could see coming here regularly on trips to New Orleans because you could order one thing then another in the afternoon when traffic is light.  I did see the whole fish being eaten at one table, so it is also possible to eat quite a lot too.  My spouse thought the oysters were perfect.  They were super cold and very delicious.  I found the crab to be so good I felt I have to make it, because we get crab claws often and usually just dip them in cocktail sauce, but this was another level for them.  Link does it right, no doubt about that.

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