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Friday, March 10, 2017

Bridget Jones Baby (2016)

Bridget Jones, when will it end?  No time soon is my simple answer.  I watched this in the perfect situation--a long distance flight, watched over a meal and wine and winding down to try to sleep.  The good news is that if you liked the original, you won't be offended or even really disappointed with this iteration.  Colin Farrell returns as the stable yet less spontaneous beau and Patrick Dempsey steps in nicely as a substitute to Hugh Grant as the handsome spontaneous alternative.
In this iteration, Bridget (still aptly played by Renee Zellweger) is in her 40's, still single and childless, and coming to terms with the idea that might be a permanent condition when after a spontaneous fling with both of her leading men, she comes up pregnant.  regardless of who the father is, she wants to be the mother, and the bulk of the movie revolves around the two potential fathers vying for her affection with their own unique charms.  It is funny and fun and light.  Just as you would hope.

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