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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

My youngest has a minor in film, and really it is because he loves watching movies and thought those classes seemed great.  Watch a movie every week?  He watched about 10 anyway.  There was the reading the classroom time, the theory, and the papers to write.  It was more than just watching movies, but that part he loved, and since he has stopped taking film classes he has started to get movies out of the library to watch.  And this was one of them.
It is a very noir story, beginning with the ending, which is a man face down in the pool.  So from the very beginning you know it is not going to end well, and then the story unfolds.  An aging silent film star is sequestered in her decaying mansion on Sunset Boulevard when a hard up script writer happens upon her.  One thing leads to another and he is in so deep that he can't see a way out.  It is painful and slow and beautifully filmed.  Step back to another era for a couple of hours with this movie.

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