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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Deepwater Horizon (2016)

Ok, you might think that this movie would not have quite managed to be Oscar material, but it was nominated in two categories, both of them related to special effects, and really, as disaster movies go, it was surprisingly enjoyable. Mark Wahlberg is an engineer on the rig, and when you watch he and others who are returning to their shifts on it, you realize just how far from help they were, and how isolated it was for them out there once things started to go terribly wrong.  The way the film tells it, the BP company officials were pressing for action when the crew wasn't so sure that they were all clear, and then of course it gets much much worse, with fires and explosions, and people trying to minimize the damage, and then abandoning the rig completely.  It is amazing how the loss of life was contained, and the movie ends there, not looking at all at how hard it was to then contain the oil.

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