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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Get Your Hot Pot On

 Hot Pot is something that you do with family and friends.  It is all about communal sharing, so it leads to talking and laughing and spending time together.  As a party of three we were by far the smallest in the restaurant the night we dined.  There are so many choices that it is also just great to go with a crowd so that you can get a little bit of everything to try.  The vegetables are just as varied as the meat and fish options.  In addition to what is cooked in the broth, the mixing of the dipping sauces is another important aspect of the dining experience.  I have to say that I was too inexperienced to do the selection justice.
The cooking broth itself is also beautiful.  We got a tomato based broth (pictured left) for the vegetarian amongst us, and a spicy Szechuan broth.  There are many variations in the broth, including a coconut based one from more tropical regions of China.  I find this fascinating, because the guests cook their own food, and the process of cooking involves the group as a whole.  You take turns adding things to the broth, sometimes it is hard to find what you put in, and you have to get up and troll for your lost egg or whatever it was.  It is just fun and communal.  If you have never done this before it is worth a try.  Only one of our local Chinese restaurants has a hot pot option, so it may bee harder to find, but seek it out.

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