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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Double Star Quilt

A couple of years ago I tried to start quilting again, and I just never got very far.  I got out my quilt pattern books, I picked out some fabric to put together, but I could just never get my groove on.
That was when I decided that I needed outside help.  I saw several of my Facebook friends were doing workshops at our local quilt and knitting shop, Home Ec, and so I got myself on the mailing list.  The things that I saw those first few months looked very intriguing, but truthfully, I was so sick and debilitated from a prolonged episode of sepsis and hospitalization that I really wasn't up to it.  But by this time last year I was thinking it was time, but that I should start small.  So I took a napkin making class which was an awesome launching pad, in that I loved it and I finished something.  The winning combination.

That was the beginning, not so very long ago, and this is where I am today.  I took a start-to-finish quilting class, which i highly recommend, especially if you have limited quilting experience and need something to get you really started.  What I needed was someone to pick out the pattern and give me a deadline.  So with this quilt pattern I feel more confident that I can once again quilt.  I am on my fifth one of these quilts, with four of them completely done, and in less than a month.  I won't keep that pace up, but it is a really nice feeling.

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