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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Get a Job (2016)

This is not a film for the ages.  After watching all of the Oscar nominated movies that I did throughout February, it is hard to get back on the light and fluffy path that this movie represents.  But I do like both Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick, so watch I did.
The story is essentially that all the Millennials out there have been raised wrapped in tissue paper.  Everyone gets a medal, even for mediocre performance. No one is left behind, no one accurately judges their worth, and all the while your parents slip you cash.  Then you enter the job market.  And it doesn't go well.  At all.  You have skills that the oldsters lack, but you can't put it into a package that they admire, and it is hard.  You are still living like you did in college, but you have no money, no privacy, and real fear about paying the rent.  It is much lighter than I am making it sound, and while it was panned by the critics, I enjoyed myself watching it.

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