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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Years Prayer, China Style

 These pictures are all taken in a medieval era garden in Songjiang.  After eating so much food that we could barely move, it became clear that we needed to get out and spend some time in China's famous restful gardens.The temples are everywhere in many of these gardens and it is easy to see the popularity.  Strolling along through beautifully designed gardens where every plant and path and bench and opening has been carefully planned for the walker's enjoyment.
 New Years is a time of renewal and celebration but it is also a time of prayer.  Maybe it is because I don't well understand it, but I love the Buddhist temples in China.  I love the  proliferation of red.  I love the tassels.  I love the offering of fruit.
Much like what I like about praying in Hebrew, which is that I don't really understand what I am saying so it is easier to do it with gusto, so goes my attraction to prayer in a Buddhist culture.

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