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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Simon and Seafort's Restaurant, Anchorage, Alaska

This was the best seafood that we had on a recent trip to Alaska with my 12 closest relatives.  There were many different things that were consumed around the table that night and they were all delicious.
The very best was the halibut.  Both the cheeks and the fillet were delicious and the very best that we had on the trip.  given the time of year, they were very likely to be frozen, and while I am definitely a person who eats a lot of previously frozen fish (I live in Iowa, after all), halibut can be finicky when frozen, and the fish we had was really perfect.  The salmon was also delicious, as was the crab and the oysters.  So do not be put off by the location on the first floor of an office building, or the kitschy menu, this is definitely a place to consider eating twice if you are in Anchorage and love fish.

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