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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Turkey Red, Palmer, Alaska

Palmer and Wasilla are two towns in the valley northeast of Anchorage of similar size, but very dissimilar in character.  While Wasilla is all big box stores and no zoning, Palmer is a quaint small town with a wild west feel to it.  And fabulous mountain views abound.  This is a great side trip if you venture north of Anchorage and have already exhausted the wonderful hiking trails in the Eagle River area.  The downtown buildings would remind you of small Western towns in the lower 48.  If you do venture into this charming town, then Turkey Red is an excellent place to have a meal.  The menu may not look exceptional, but it is definitely a couple cuts above a routine sandwich place.  For one thing, the bread is made in house (it is a bakery, after all) and it is excellent.  The sandwiches are made with care and whether you choose the soup or the salad as an accompaniment, you will have made a good choice.  It is also a coffee place, so don't forgo the latte and dessert either. 

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