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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chaata and Curry, Sunnyvale, CA

I was on a trip that was planned in a hurry and that I was added to at the very last minute in northern California.  The short story is that for no good reason we ended up staying in Silicon Valley, and because we needed to find a place at the last minute and we all wanted to stay together, we were not at an establishment that would have been any of our first choices.  Then, to make matters worse, the majority of the people that I traveled with did not have food as a priority.  What?!?  How can that be?  We were also putting in very long days so that when we were finally done we were not really all that energetic.  So despite superb dining within shouting distance, that was not my fate.  I ordered take out food from this place and it was excellent.  Really good, and very reasonably priced.  The thing that I liked about it is that the dinner came with rice, naan, dal, and a side dish, so that as a person dining with only one other person I could actually get exactly what I wanted.  It was spiced appropriately (on the edge of what is too hot for me, which is perfect and hard to attain), and weirdly, if I was in the neighborhood, I would go back.

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