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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hank and Asha (2014)

Yes, this is an unusual romantic comedy, but if you are a fan of the genre and do not feel that every movie had to adhere to a strict formula in terms of outcome, this is a good option.  It has the added benefit of being available for free download on Amazon Prime, which is a plus for me when I am traveling and do not want to pay for either wi-fi or content.  I have found that I have seen some very pleasant movies this way that I might have skipped otherwise.  This movie is one such.  An Indian film student is studying in Prague for the year and she sees a movie that intrigues her.  The filmmaker is not at the festival so she does a video of herself asking questions about the film, and so begins a charming love affair.  The film is told almost entirely within the context of these videos, and as their friendship deepens, Hank wants to meet Asha.  She guiltily and reluctantly tell shim that she is in fact engaged to be married to a man when her year in Prague is up, and that it is an arrangement made between their two families.  It is yet another variation on the theme that once someone makes the choice for you, you see other possibilities.  Charmingly done.

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