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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Salt Fork Kitchen, Solon, Iowa

We went up to our CSA farm in order to look for something that we dropped there.  It was a Hail Mary pass, something that we were not prepared to skip, but something that we were all pretty sure would be fruitless.  And it was.  On the up side, it was a beautiful day and it was beautiful to wander amongst the still thriving vegetables. 
On our way home our youngest son advocated that we stop for lunch, and that was a great idea.  The Salt Fork Kitchen is on Main St. in Solon, which has had an ever increasing number of places to eat these days.  This s a locally sourced produce place with a solid regular menu and daily specials.  They make their own things, like salad dressings and desserts, and the atmosphere is really nice.  They serve breakfast until two and start lunch at 11:00, so we mixed and matched.  The salad was outstanding, with the greens being very flavorful and the tomatoes bursting with flavor.  My son had the pumpkin pancakes, which were served with butter and maple syrup, and were delicious.  The pumpkin pie for dessert was excellent, and as we looked at the sandwiches that our fellow diners had ordered, they were inviting enough to have us plana  return visit.  Well worth a stop if you are in the neighborhood.

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