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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

No Matter How Hard, Move On

There is no other way to say it.  It is time to move on.  It will be very hard indeed.  I have been so dismayed this election season, and the main reasons are two fold. The first is that I really struggle with the idea that half of Americans think that Trump is qualified to be our president.  That is very worrisome indeed.  No matter what you think the immediate future holds for America, there is absolutely no evidence that Trump will do anything to make it better.  The economy?  The man made a hash of his businesses and if it weren't for the generous laws around taxation and bankruptcy and his family's personal fortune to bail him out, he would have folded.  Unfortunately we do not hold those cards as a country.  The military and security? He talked gleefully about how he would commit war crimes.  Global warming.  Sadly, his understanding of science is if possible below his knowledge of foreign policy.  Abortion?  The democrats are far more likely to have fewer abortions because they fund birth control, which not so weirdly, actually works.  The social conservatives are literally dying out so forget going back to the days before gay marriage.  So we dodged a bullet there, but not by a comfortable margin.  The second thing is the woman thing.  It really pains me how many people close to me spoke real misogyny without so much as batting an eye.  These carried the day, and we have to live with that as a people and a country.  We are a very flawed people.  So I get why it is hard to move on, I do.  The future is very grim indeed, and yet, the reality is something that we will all have to live with.  Our only comfort is that we are not alone in our perplexing mix of mess ups.  Brexit, after all.  Now we have to work hard to prevent totalitarianism and support every effort to redress gerrymandering.

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