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Monday, November 7, 2016

Vote Baby Vote!

This is it, the end is near.  If you haven't voted up until now, and some places you really don't have a choice in that matter, but in the majority of places you definitely do, but in any case, it is now or never.  And I am advocating for now. 
Voting is the one thing that we do that can affect our everyday lives.  The people that we elect to govern us matter.  The only way for the elite amongst us to get their way is if we don't vote.  When we vote, we get a voice in how things are done, what our priorities are as a country will be.  That is so important, for today and tomorrow, for ourselves and our children and for future generations of children.  The Greeks shunned people who did not participate in democracy.  They believed that government didn't work unless you participated in the process.
I don't mean to get corny here, but people have literally died in order that we can vote.  It took women about 70 years of really working on it to get the vote, and it took African Americans 100 years after the Civil War ended to get the Voting Rights Act.  Some of these rights have been eroded, what with gerrymandered districts and restrictions on who can vote and when they can do it.  That makes it all the more important that we vote.  Have a say.  Make the forefathers proud.

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