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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quilt Week: Balanced Modern Quilt

This quilt is entitled 'Quilting Balance' and I think that it fits.  I have done very little in the way of free piecing, with the exception of crazy quilting.  With that, I have used a square and then pieced on top of it so that i have some form and some free flow.  This quilt, which is relatively small, has very little in the way of that.  Putting it together, for me, would be a little daunting, but as I look at it I can see that the lower right part of the quilt has some straight lines, and I could start with something like that.  And maybe move on to more adventurous design.  So I can see a little bit of method in the madness, and it appeals to the same sense that the African American quilting tradition has.  My mother gave me postcards of the Gee Bend quiltmakers many years ago, and then I had a chance to see an exhibit of them later.  I see this kind of quilt, which has some very tiny elements of that, as a baby step for me in that direction.  I also have been getting into the narrow quilting lines in some of my smaller non-quilt pieces and find it attractive in this quilt.

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