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Friday, November 4, 2016

Darth Vader: Better than Trump?

Vote!  I really want everyone to vote!
This is totally not mine.  I saw Juliana Fusco's post that dates back to January of this year, when we suspected that Trump was a man with problems.  Now we have additional concrete evidence that loathing him on many levels was too good for him.  He is worse than that, worse than we can even imagine.  She made a case for Darth Vader being the lesser of two evils.  Why?
Well, first off he has political experience.  He ran a galaxy for heavens sake.  He should be able to manage a country, where as Trump has declared bankruptcy six times so he hasn't demonstrated that he can run a successful business without the loopholes that are afforded to corporate America but not the America itself.  Never run a country.  Or a galaxy.  He also has experience with foreign policy, which Trump lacks.  In fact, he seems to think that foreign policy is something trivial, that you come with your demands and you leave if they are not met.
Darth Vader is a job creator.  The Death Star alone had over a million employees.  He also would be tough on corporations.  He believes that greed is the root of at least some evil and well, enough said.
He would probably support the minimum wage.  He was once a slave, so he understands how important it is to be able to make a living wage, whereas Trump has fired people rather than pay them for the work that they have done and he does not support a minimum wage.  It has been argued that as Darth Vader understands what it is like to not be able to marry who you want to, that he might be a supporter of gay marriage.  On the other hand, he might support marrying your sister, but in any case, he has a decent shot at being more open minded than Trump.  Being the son of a single mother, he could be expected to value women more than Trump has.  And he certainly wouldn't make fun of people with disabilities!
Luckily, the choice is not between these two and we have an excellent option in November.

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