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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Me Before You (2016)

My family was not all that happy with this movie.  I had read the book, and so I knew the outcome, but suffice it to say that while there are most definitely elements of Pygmalion here, it is not a Happily Ever After story.
Will is  devil may care man.  He has grown up in a privileged home, and while he would most certainly acknowledge that, he has absolutely no interest in leveling the playing field.  His world is irrevocably changed when he is hit by a motor scooter and left a quadriplegic.  Now everything is a struggle for him and he wavers between pain and depression.  Enter Louisa.  She is hired by his mother to cheer him up and provide him with entertainment.  She is much more successful than others have been in her role, but she does not change his mood.  The story is about their growing friendship, the role of care giver, and then what happens when it is all just too much to bear.

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