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Monday, November 28, 2016

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

I am still struggling with what the appropriate amount of activism is going to work for me. The choice of a neo-Nazi to head Trump's transition team is very disturbing.  He has said that the problem with women could be solved by prohibiting washing machines and birth control.  He actually said it would make us happier if we were saddled with a dozen kids and the lack of modern conveniences.  I am pretty sure that he wants to go back to the 1850's not the 1950's.  Back when white men actually thought they invented everything in the world and had every right to keep it.  Such thinking demonstrates a shockingly poor education and a dangerous outlook for someone in power.  Bannon has also proven his fellow 'alt right' (really, neo-Nazis with better PR) folks are superb trolls (no surprise there.  Meanness becomes them) and so there should be overt and covert operations to undermine such people.

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