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Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Book of Mormon

I know that I am late to seeing this show, but in my defense, I was not alone.  The eight shows that ran recently in my small college town were sold out each and every one, so there is still interest in this wildly entertaining musical.  I knew remarkably little about the show.  All that I really knew was that it made fun not just of Mormonism, but really all religions, because for any given part of the play you can substitute some other tenet of some other religion and it sounds just as far fetched.
So imagine my surprise when I loved it.  Not that I am one to be offended by irreverence, I am not, but I usually do not find it funny.  This play is all about playfulness and while it uses some language that falls well within Donald Trump's much touted foul mouth repertoire, that doesn't offend me either.  I was very much entertained throughout the show, and a little bit let down when it all came to a well drawn conclusion. I would really recommend this and was quite pleased that I ventured back into the realm of the touring Broadway play (something I have not done in at least a decade, I am afraid).

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