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Friday, June 9, 2017

About Time (2013)

This is a playful movie about time travel.  Tim is updated on his super power of being able to go back in time by his father, very charmingly played by Bill Nye, on his 21st birthday.  He uses the skill to essentially learn from his mistakes.  His efforts to woo a girl are subject to a number of do overs until he gets it right (which could come off as creepy but manages to be fairly charming), and avoiding embarrassing moments.  I can definitely see the appeal of this.  For example, I would definitely do my approach to my car, when I ended up flat on the ground, bleeding profusely, having put my front tooth straight through my lip.  In the do over, I see the place where my shoe got stuck and I go around it.  Problem solved.  So it goes with Tim, up until the time when he discovers that sometimes there is no good option, and how is he going to move forward.  The movie is both light and serious, deals with love, family, work, and meaning in life.  What's not to like about that?

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