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Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Harder they Fall

Oh my gosh.  I took a tumble this week that shook me up, both emotionally and physically.  And when I say tumble, I mean I fell hard, putting one of my front teeth right through my lip and if that hadn't been such a disaster I would have focused more on just how badly I injured my knee.  After much bleeding I was able to get my lip more or less under control but I did not feel any better.  I was pretty badly shaken up by just how quickly I went from jauntily approaching my car after a truly wonderful trip to Montana and Wyoming to being splattered out all over the pavement, dripping blood and being pretty sure that an ER visit was in my very near future.  Such is the shock that one is getting old.  That my reflexes are diminishing at a faster rate than I care to acknowledge and that I really do need to be pretty cautious when I am laden down with luggage.  It took the jaunt right out of my step.  So while an ENT surgeon and 12 stitches could make a vast improvement in my smile, my spirit is taking longer to mend.

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