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Friday, June 30, 2017

Weaving Magic by Chris Ofili, National Gallery, London

 I loved the National Gallery, and will post more things that I saw there in the future.  This is a really beautiful tapestry that is the first time that I have seen a weaving that has a watercolor like quality to the finished work.  At first I thought it was a watercolor, that it represented an enormous sketch of the final product, a cartoon to guide the weaver in their work.  But no, this is the final product, something that is both vibrant and soft at the same time.
The weaver has won a prize that I was unfamiliar with, which is the Turner Prize.  It was created in 1984 and is awarded to innovative artists who push the envelope in their work.  It is named for William Turner, a man who obsessively portrayed light in a new and at the time, completely unappreciated way, but who went on to become one of Britain's most beloved painters.  I can see why Ofili would garner such an honor, and I hope to see more fiber arts showcased in major museums.  It is so pleasurable to be exposed to such works of art.

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