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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Dr. Thorne (2016)

The combination of a Trollope story and Julian Fellows is just too much to pass up, and while it was no Downton Abby, it really is quite enjoyable, and streams on Amazon Prime.
Trollope is the master of creating complicated characters who reside within entirely believable dilemmas that are partly of society's doing (he was a Victorian, after all), and contributed to by their own shortcomings.  Fellows loves to bring such stories to life, and I can only hope that this is a revival of this sort of story coming to life in the mini-series format.
Doctor Thorne is a well respected physician in the community that he lives in, and he is raising his brother's daughter.  What we find out in short order is that she is born out of wedlock, has a peerage parent who has abandoned her and that her father was killed by her uncle.  That is a lot of scandal to survive under but the dear Dr. Thorne shields her from much of that growing up, and she is a perfectly lovely young woman by the time the story begins.  There is love, family, and above all the power of money, all wrapped up in a well costumed period setting. 

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