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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Baby Bloomers!

I am not much when it comes to sewing, and this is most certainly not false modesty.  I was forced by a college friend to figure out why I feel that so passionately.  I am really pretty much of a dilettante when it comes to crafts in general and I have made very few things that anyone would actually wear.  But I have made well over a 100 quilts of various difficulty and sizes, and while I am not fantastic at it, I am definitely good enough.  So what, I wondered, really was the difference, and then it dawned on me.  It is that quilts are meant to lie flat.  They are 2-dimensional by their very nature, whereas clothing is meant to function in three dimensions.  I know tricks to get stuff to lay flat, not to drape beautifully.  So when I was encouraged to try to make some baby bloomers for my upcoming grandchild, I was somewhat trepidatious.  But it turns out I totally over reacted.  These go together like a breeze (seriously, three pairs an hour is a very attainable pace) and they look adorable.  So if you are looking for baby gifts to make, this pattern is spectacular.

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