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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dr. Strange (2016)

Ok, anything with Benedict Cumberbatch in it is at least worth considering watching.  I have watched all of the Marvel based movies (or at least I think that I have), but that is less out of fandom and more out of the fact that I have four sons and I want to stay somewhere within their movie watching sphere.  Even though we are more spread out than we have been for awhile, we still see each other with some frequency and we are in touch in other ways as well.  I found Dr. Strange, well, strange.  It was not your usual Marvel story (well, except for the brilliant gifted scientist who suddenly looses his mortal abilities and then acquires super hero ones to replace them).
Strange never grows much as a character but Cumberbatch appears to haveconsiderable fun with the role. I couldn't get past the fact that “Doctor Strange” is essentially the story of a white man who travels to an Asian land, whose culture and people he doesn’t quite get yet somehow he manages to realize he’s a natural at magic, with occasional flashes of humor.  Like when he points out that really, the downside of the spell should come at the beginning with a warning, rather than after you have tried it.  Bring on the special effects, world saved, come back for more later.

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