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Monday, June 26, 2017

Ceramics at the Victoria and Albert Museum

I could literally spend a week here and not get tired, or have given the things i like about it enough attention.  I would probably want to carry a camera around while doing so, but that would be really be so that I could relive it all later, not because the photos are going to be of interest to anyone else, or that they will be the best quality.
It is hard to articulate how I feel about ceramics in general and dinnerware in particular.  Much like my relationship with fabric, I just cannot say what it is that I love about it, but merely that it is so.  I say that I quilt so that I have a reason for all the fabric I buy.  I would buy it regardless, and quilting allows for the flow to be manageable.  The same is true of dinner ware.  I just love to look at it.  I have people over to justify my accumulation of things to serve them with.  So imagine just how wonderful a museum with thousands of dishes is to a woman such as myself.

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