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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dark Horse (2015)

I have no idea how it came that I picked this movie out, but I really enjoyed it.  A middle class community in Wales decides that they are going to breed and race a horse on their own, despite the tremendous odds against them.  they pool their money and buy a horse, get her a stud, and produce a horse that they convince a respectable trainer to train.  They do this essentially on a shoe string and with shared financing between them all, so they all feel like they have a stake in his success.  The documentary style does not in the least take away from the story.  It is such a good one, and the emotions are really fun to follow.  The horse does not have a problem free career, but the love that the town has for him and the fun that they have being race horse owners, despite the ups and downs, is really very fun to watch.

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